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Relevant and intelligent content is easy when you have savvy content.

About Savvy

Different styles of writing suit different businesses. High quality content tailored to appeal to your client is what Savvy Content does. 

Relevance, clarity, readability and authenticity are paramount. 

Serena Nathan is the Savvy Content business content writer, able to produce, rewrite or edit high quality content for any new or established companies or people.

Like great architecture and music, good writing is transformative. 

Get savvy and get remembered. 

Our Services
    • Website content: update, rewrite, edit or original
    • Website content assessment and editing
    • All editing services
    • Presentation content: creation and editing
    • Email, brochure and blog content
    • Media releases
    • Strategic Plans and Reports
    • Ghost writing
    • News/lifestyle articles and features
    • Real estate writing

A simple strategy...

Different styles of writing suit different people. The only thing everyone has in common is a need for high quality content.


Relevance is the key. If your content is not relevant, there’s just no point. Your site is one of 966 million and people are getting fussy. There is no longer room or tolerance for generic content.


Readability is another hugely important factor. More and more people are inclined to click away from your site if they can’t scan through the text and easily find what they need.


Clarity is paramount and written content has to be understandable and intelligent. It seems like an obvious statement, but often the language in your head doesn’t translate to an easy-to-understand format once written.


SEO (search engine optimisation) words will enhance your findability on Google. The bots crawl through every site and competing online means knowing how to use the right words in the right places.

Latest Savvy Work...

Australian Tenders
Initial site content creation and consulting. SEO work.

Australian Tenders
Wallace Real Estate
House description copywriting

Wallace Real Estate
South West Holiday Rentals
Initial site content creation and consulting. SEO work.

South West Holiday Rentals
The Model Shop
Initial site organisation, content creation and consulting.

The Model Shop
Flourish Magazine
Article and content creation. SEO consulting.

Flourish Magazine
Meaghan White Architects
Content creation - general content writing and SEO consulting.

Meaghan White Architects
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We love working with brands and businesses of all sizes.

A good writer knows how to ‘hear’ the voice of the client and write in that voice. At Savvy Content there are no written templates of text – every client gets fresh, original, intelligent content that tells their own particular story in a way that will immediately appeal to the intended audience.

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